The Scotch pine trees are especially grown for Christmas trees. It takes approximately 8-9 years before they are ready for sale. In the meantime they are helping clean and purify the air, as well as being attractive to the eye, and serve as a reminder to those driving by the farm of the spirit of giving and love throughout the year. Each tree cut for your home or business is replaced by a new plant the next year. Environmentally we are helping to grow a product on land that is mainly too poor to grow much else.

Every tree needs to be sheared (pruned) yearly. This is done in June/July by hand to maintain the traditional Christmas tree shape. Scotch pines can be mighty ugly trees when left un-pruned! You can watch wreaths and center pieces being created while your personally chosen tree is being put on the "shaker." The old, dry needles are removed before they find your living room floor. If there is a bird's nest in your tree we attempt to carefully remove it for you. Then you can put it back in your tree when you arrive home. Tradition says that a bird's nest in the Christmas tree brings good health and fortune to your family for the coming year. We help you load your tree for its journey to your home with a wish for a Happy Christmas Season and a good New Year to you and yours!

Scotch Pine

A popular Christmas tree with medium length needles, green to blue-green in color. Excellent needle retention is characteristic. A full tree with 1 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inch stick-tight needles. We help Mother Nature form them into the conical shape that our customers prefer.

Branches are sturdy so they can be loaded up with memories. Spaces in some trees make great "elf shelves" for large ornaments or small gifts.

White Pine

The White Pine is an excellent Christmas tree with long soft needles, in bundles of five, are blue-green in color with just a hint of white retaining its needles throughout the Christmas season.

It's moderately strong boughs weep gracefully with the weight of ornaments. Tiny lights and smaller ornaments placed nearer to the trunk make for a delightful delicate Christmas tree. It has been reported that some people with allergies have no reaction to White Pine so they can once again enjoy a real tree in their home.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir has short needles and is very stately looking with silver undersides. The dark green color and lush dense foliage, along with its excellent needle retention are desirable characteristics.

The strong branches are capable of carrying heavy ornaments to make a gorgeous "old fashioned" tree of years past. The fragrance is especially nice for the season.

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